School textbooks

I ‘ve collaborated with different editors   creating visuals, infographics and entire textbooks for secondary school. In many cases I have been the author, paying particular attention  to  both social and environmental sustainability. My main focus has been  UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as part of Agenda 2030.  Below you can see some of my work for Pearson Editore :

LIFE – La Natura intorno

For this textbook I’ve created infographics based on the SDG’s. The focus is to promote critical thinking and analize some data to come to an evidence based conclusion


Here some infographics I’ve created with DEA Scuola. This volume was created to adress te various aspects of the One Health approach, believing that we are part of te natural world and strictly dependent on its wellbeing


The world is full of environmental challenges that need appropriate answers and knowledge. Using SDGs as guides, I’ve addressed some issues and their possible solutions.

Focus natura green.

Environmental education and sustainable development are the building blocks of this volume, entirely dedicated to the analysis of the major environmental impacts that our current social and economical system has on the planet. What can we do to make it better? 

namaskar: agenda 2030

An entire textbook on the 2030 Agenda: all SDGs are here presented for a better understanding of the ongoing challanges and solution we have to reach each objective in 2030. 

Project details


Matteo gabaglio (graphic layout and author)


De Agostini Scuola, Pearson, Lattes