Hello, I’m Matteo . I am a science communicator and environmental biologist. Do you need a content writer for anything science related? Are you looking for someone with a scientific background and some professional graphic skills?  that’s what I do. With my 9 years experience in the field, I have the right skill set  for a multiple approach on scientific dissemination, graphic design and illustration. If what you are looking for is someone that can help with your communication needs, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!


graphic design
social media management
DATA VISUALIZATION and infographics


Leveraging my artistic skills and my passion for biology and wildlife during University I started developing the desire of combining these to disseminate knowledge and create awareness on current natural challenges.

This is why I’ve collaborated on different EU-funded projects, encompassing various roles: from social media manager and lead graphic designer for Life Graymarble, to Scientific Content Manager for the Culturgame Project, and content creator for Life Bioaquae. My portfolio includes diverse visual and text content, spanning logos, infographics, educational layouts, leaflets, roll-ups, posters, and illustrations. My work also involves collaboration with major publishing houses, where I had the opportunity to create scientific content for several science schoolbooks, serving as the leading author, graphic designer, and illustrator.

Check out my portfolio for a better idea of what i do!