Hello, I’m Matteo . I am a biologist , scientific author and illustrator. Do you need a good illustration? or a content writer for anything science related? Are you looking for someone with a scientific background and some professional graphic skills?  that’s what I do. With my 5 years experience in the field, I have the right skill set  for a multiple approach on scientific dissemination and illustration. If what you are looking for it’s just an illustration, don’t worry: many of my clients come from different backgrounds. Let’s get started!




Leveraging my artistic skills and my passion for biology and wildlife during University I started developing the desire of combining these to disseminate knowledge and create awareness on current natural challenges. Right after University, I started collaborating as a freelance with major publishing houses such as Lattes Editori, De Agostini Scuola Editore, Pearson Editore, and Studio Kayama, for which I had the opportunity to create illustrations for several science schoolbooks, as the leading illustrator. I have also been responsible for entire publications, from the concept to the layout design, for Focus natura green and Namaskar for whom I created a book about  sustainable development and a book on the UN’s sustainable development goals.

With my scientific background I often cover the role of main author, responsible for creating the content for entire science textbooks, the last of which is on the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published for De Agostini Scuola editore.

Pure illustration is also one of my favourite fields, being it scientific, medical or for a variety of purposes.

I’ve collaborated with other professional in the creation of AR and VR applications for Museums and European projects-.

Check out my portfolio for a better idea of what i do!