LIFE Projects


As the Graphic Designer of the project, I’ve created the visual identity and the logo. As part of the project, I also designed all communication materials, from roll-up panels to leaflets, panels, and gadgets.

Life minnow.

The life minnow project aims to enhance the conservation status of 6 species of small fishes of the Po river basin. I designed the logo and the visual identity of the project and I’m currently involved in the creation of communication material.

life bioaquae

Life Project BIOAQUAE was conducted by Gran Paradiso National Park, in the Italian alps. Goal of the project was the improvement of aquatic biodiversity in the fragile alpine ecosystem, together with raising awareness on aquatic alpine biodiversity. Illustrations for  divulgative posters and material help now understand the connection between different species, ecosystems and their importance in the alpine environment.

Project details


Matteo Gabaglio